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About Us

Star Array Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based biomedical technology company, is revolutionizing the field of genetic testing with its novel integrated sample prep and qPCR process. It is the headquarter of Star Array Group and the Group has two subsidiaries, OnsiteGene Inc. in San Diego, USA, and Star Array Gene Technology Ltd. in Guangzhou, China.


The company's groundbreaking innovative work in open-assay sample-to-answer nucleic acid testing instrument, PeakV™, powered by its mission:


“Making sample-to-answer test easily accessible to

all users and assay developers”


and guided by a vision:


“Easy and accurate molecular tests available

anywhere, anytime, and affordable to all”


Users can readily convert their manual tests to automated sample-to-answer tests on PeakV with a minimum effort on their own.


Moreover, the cartridge used on PeakV is at a substantially lower cost than other microfluidics cartridges used in the field. This technology  has been selected for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) RADx program. OnsiteGene together with Star Array Pte Ltd in Singapore are currently manufacturing and marketing the PeakV™ superfast qPCR and sample-to-answer testing platform, which offers best ease of use and requires no manual liquid handling steps from a user. With a turn-around-time of less than 30 minutes and the highest reference lab-quality results in detection sensitivity, the PeakV platform is poised to elevate Point- Of-Care Testing (POCT) and clinical lab testing to the next height. Due to its reconfigurable cartridges and user programmable assay protocol, PeakV can also find many applications in research labs and non-clinical testing applications.

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