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The demand for fast responses is a recurring theme in our society and human nature, and explains phenomena such as the proliferation of mobile communication and other internet based services. However, such a fast-response culture has yet to completely manifest itself within the healthcare industry, notably in aspects such as clinical testing, disease treatment, or other biological sample testing. Typically, using any quality instrument, a test ordered (using blood, nasal wash, urine, etc.) in a clinic and hospital department would typically require an unbearably long time, well beyond a patient's waiting threshold. Consequently, the sample collected from a patient is not processed in the clinic immediately on-site, and rather it is sent to a remote or a central laboratory to perform a quality test together with other patient samples collected from different clinics over the past few days. Thus, accurate test results would only be available to a patient only in the next day or two.


Such lack of on-site patient sample testing directly leads to:


  1. Our current inability to provide immediate, on-site, and high-quality treatment as well as precision drug prescription, a feat that would require readily available, sensitive, and accurate sample testing;

  2. a compromised drug prescription and treatment plan, or even a completely wrong one altogether;

  3. miss the optimal window for treatment;

  4. encourage the use of insensitive and inaccurate testing methods that lead to incorrect disease diagnosis; and

  5. in the case of infectious diseases, encourage the use of broad-spectrum drugs for treating drug-resistant microbials.


Star Array is a biomedical technology company aiming at eliminating patients’ inability to obtain accurate test results in a clinic on their first visit and make it a reality for a patient to receive immediate specific drug prescription and precision medical treatment on-site without making another trip or exposing to wrong drug prescription or wrong treatment.


To change our current culture to the so-called “precision treatment on the first visit”, Star Array has developed a revolutionized genetic testing technology including a superfast 40 cycle real-time quantitative PCR in a few minutes based on off-shelf PCR tubes.


In addition to introducing “Superfast genetic testing for on-site precision treatment on the first visit”, Star Array would like to work with partners to develop various Testing applications in various areas including superfast or “instant” infectious disease monitoring and diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance testing, food and water testing, on-site forensics, mobile testing and diagnostics, border control and biodefense, cancer screening and diagnostics and treatment monitoring, life science research, and drug development processes.

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