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Star Array Pte Ltd possesses design and manufacture capability for both genetic testing instruments and reagents and we are happy to provide contract R&D service to our customers based on their unique technical specifications. 


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Other than the Rapid Genetic Testing developed, Star Array Pte Ltd also possess the capabilities and technical know-how in the development of microfluidics and POCT chip.

Microfluidics PCR Chip

Star Array developed a few microfluidic PCR array technologies, which can be used to generate various next generation disease diagnostic solutions and life science research tools....

POC Microfluidics Chip

Star Array microfluidic PCR array can be simplified to a format for manual sample loading and sealing for PCR thermal cycling without using any mechanical device like vacuum and pressure devices. This technology has a significant potential for simple and compact instrument design and achieving high operational reliability and low cost, which are two key specifications for point-of-care (POC) applications.