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Novel COVID-19 
RT-qPCR Detection
in less than
10 minutes


Star Array is a biomedical technology company spearheading the new era of superfast on-site genetic testing from sample to answer. Star Array is located in Singapore and its inventions include superfast nucleic acid amplification and extraction technologies ...
The demand for fast responses is a recurring theme in our society and human nature, and explains phenomena such as the proliferation of mobile communication and other internet based services. However, such a fast-response culture has yet to completely manifest itself within the healthcare industry, notably in aspects such as clinical testing, disease treatment, or other biological sample testing. Typically, using any quality instrument, a test ordered (using blood, nasal wash, urine, etc.) in a clinic and hospital department would typically require an unbearably long time, well beyond a patient's waiting threshold. Consequently, the sample collected from a patient is not processed in the clinic immediately on-site, and rather it is sent to a remote or a central laboratory ...


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